Matthew Young — Designer


Persistence of Sound

Since 2017

Top-to-bottom art direction for a new specialist record label.

In 2017 I was approached by composer and producer Iain Chambers and commissioned to create the visual identity for his new project, an independent record label specialising in field recordings and musique concrète. Musique What?

Originally commissioned to create a logo and three record sleeves, we soon built a strong and trusting client–designer partnership which led to art directing every aspect of the new label. From the big – designing and building the website and online shop – to the small – download codes, press releases, GIFs – every detail was designed to create a bold, distinctive and instantly recognisable visual identity.

The Eccentric Press by Iain Chambers
Factitious Airs (Electronic Music) by Robert Worby
Thames by The London Sound Survey

Record Covers

Each sleeve features a minimal line illustration. Printed two-colour, using Pantone inks on uncoated stock.

Promo Videos

Thirty-second promotional videos. Cut-up, mechanical, or tranquil, the videos are tailored to the sound of each record.


Clear and simple, the website has nothing more than is needed. Music samples and liner notes for each album, and a seamless buying experience.


Download Cards

Tucked inside each record sleeve, each unique card works as both a download code and a discount code. Simple for the end customer, yet surprisingly complicated behind the scenes, as each code has to integrate with two different APIs.